Tuesday, January 27, 2009

yes, no, maybe..

my bro... n me ^^
just wanna to say hi....

k back to topic, aq lg mo bahas tent satu topic neh.
ad pertnyn nih aq nyolong dr cleo edisi feb.09

Q: apakah anda bersedia melakukan hal2 gila demi cinta??

hm.... aq bingung d buat jawab ny. klo mis ny aq ya?? hmm... (bnyk hmm.. soal ny bingung duders) biasa ny ya klo aq lg suka seseorg aq ngelakuin byk hal demi dapetin dia tp apakah itu berarti aq akan lakukan hal2 gila demi dia?? kyk ny nga d, aq ga se berani itu!! lgan bukan ny dgn gitu kita bakal di tindas malah akhir ny, soal ny kan kesan ny kita ngejar2 dia bgt gt. ngelunjak tuh cow jd ny kan??
so girls sbg cew kita harus "pinter" hahaha... macam pro aj :p jaga sikap girls.
kita boleh amat mencintai dia ato mencintai dia melebihi cinta dia ke kita but inget kita ga boleh nunjukin smua ny tar ngelunjak so buat lah dia merasa tanpa kita hidup ny yg hampa bukan tanpa dia kita ga bisa ap2 k girls???


  1. Well.. seeing from the lines wrote here is that the condition is at "approaching" level...
    It`s gonna be different when u r enganged already..

    you made some points here...
    Be a smart girl to show that you r interested in him without doing further action that somehow will create "i will die without you" image..

    :) Jia You...

  2. wat is de diff????
    i cant get it :(

  3. the different is that if u r in the level of approaching then you should keep your image more than the condition of already engage..

    In the level of engage/in a status you r more free to show or do anything for love that may seem obvious in his eyes with lesser possibilities of him being "ngelunjak"

    hehe... i hope that can explain. :)

  4. oh i c hehe...
    hmm.... but when u r already engage dont u think there's lot of probs will come?
    im still quite afraid about serious r/s :(

  5. eventually in any kind relationship problem will occur.... lot.. less... intense... slow, it all depends on how you both get along.

    If you think that the guy you r with now is the right ones...
    then there`s nothing wrong of starting a serious one.

    But really... this is an important advice..
    make sure you know him well 1st..