Tuesday, January 20, 2009

wat i brought frm my holidae trip....

i just back from my holiday,
tired but its really fun,
just only 3days n 2 nites but i really enjoyed it
didnt took lots of pic coz didnt bring de cam -.-'' oh gosh!!
i hope next can take more pics:(

my sweetest frnd in jkt, thx for accompany me this few day, luv u babe...

de most special thing that i've got from there is my marie cat :)
u know why??............... guess n guess babe.. :p

a sunglasses by levis,

a few novels n comic wohoho... ^^

a mascara by bourjois, i dono whether its good onot but might be.
let me try 1st .... hmm....

gulali, i love this sweet so much onli can get it there :(
but no worries i bought alot hoho....

1 comment:

  1. nice levi`s shades.. why dont you get some pics wearin that... :)