Monday, January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year 2009

a new year with new hopes
gong xi fat choi, hong pao nah?
im waiting 4 de red pocket from u duders :p
1st dae, just going to relatives's place. would be great if i can just stay at home whole dae :(


  1. Well... why would stay at home while you can collect the red pocket? :)

    Hey i heard that you r celebrating new year for the whole week, is that true?

  2. oh my godness!! totally wrong.where r u get this gossip from? i must work 2mrw wid :( wad a pity! btw earning money 1st, if not i couldnt attain 2009 resolution :p

  3. hehehehe...
    yeah... right...

    well... i heard this issue from 1 of my friend in Kalimantan actually... i dunno whether it` the same there... guess its not :p

    Cheers to your way achieving your resolution.... :)