Monday, May 11, 2009

wat 'll happend next????

hmmm started this morning with a call from unknown number, n it is not de first time i get de same call from different ppl. its not something new in indonesia. lots of ppl're cheated. ok, maybe some of u still cant get wat i mean. this caller pretended as an operator from sim card provider and he gave me hmm....... good news (fake news) , that bcoz of the provider bdea they destributed money n vouchers to some of they user. then blablabla.... ting!!!! im one of them. he ask me few questions but im not in mood to wasting my time so i just ignored n he's angry n scolded me. hufh!! wat a bad dae. but he's damn stupid. he forgot few things. it's really easy to know he's a lier. examples:

  • he's using a normal number n de number is damn ugly n hard to remember

  • he's inpatient, he called me few times when i picked de call his 1st quest just "why u didnt pick my call?? n another 1 "why u reject my call??" haiz u thought u're my bf wat???

  • he talked too much.

  • and he just absolutely unpolite..

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